Learjet 60 XR
Learjet 60 XR

Learjet 60 XR

Bombardier’s Learjet 60XR was introduced in 2005 as an upgraded version of the Learjet 60, excelling in performance and offering a more spacious cabin. It outperforms any other jet in its category in terms of rate of climb, capable of climbing 1,800 meters per minute. This mid-size business jet is the largest model in the Learjet family, with new fuel-efficient turbofan engines and a larger fuselage of more than 1 meter in length compared to the Learjet 55 series.

The traditional layout offers a very comfortable seating area for seven passengers and two crew members, usually arranged in a club layout for passengers, a single seat and a bed convertible into two seats.

The cabin design certainly reflects the stark difference between the 60XR and its predecessor. Some of the improvements applied are a larger kitchen with services in the rear, more accessible space for luggage, high power power ports, cabin management, entertainment system and glass cabin.

Although the volume of the cabin is 11% greater than that of the 55 series, the measurements of the cabin and the reach are not the highlights compared to competing models in its category, without a doubt the speed and performance its strongest aspects.

Its performance depends on weather conditions, but the Learjet 60XR is still the fastest in its class, overcoming air traffic and turbulence at the highest altitudes. Without a doubt, the perfect option for medium-distance business or pleasure trips.

Manufacturer Bombardier
Height  1.74 m

Speed 447 kts 
2200 nm

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