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We simplify your ownership experience. You buy an aircraft for the great benefits it provides, but the complexity of running the actual flight operation can cause this valuable time and productivity to go to waste.

Being an operator and owner at the same time is a complex process, gaining experience is time consuming and time is money.

Enjoy your aircraft, earn money with it and save your time. Heavy aircraft work is our specialty. You need to get the most out of your aircraft, GOJET Aircraft Management take care of it.

Under the principle of quality and safety, our team offers you:

Manager at your disposal.

Team of qualified pilots, maintenance personnel, flight attendants, flight coordinators, company officer dedicated to the quality and safety of the operation.

We put at your disposal a staff of people dedicated to monitoring compliance with strict safety standards, safety in aircraft operations and maintenance.

The plane can save you a lot of time to get things done, but it can also take time away if not managed well.

Its care begins by assigning it to specialized personnel dedicated to the aircraft.

We incorporate your aircraft into our strict maintenance plans under standardized systems that ensure first-rate quality in the work performed and all its documentation.

We can also advise you if you require it on additional maintenance plans such as painting, interiors, etc. Or why not, we can help you with the sale of it if necessary.

With a pre-agreed monthly fee, fixed without surcharges GOJET Air Services works for you

Feel protected by our transparency.

We report all use of your aircraft with extensive documentation.

We make you save the most, while generating extra money for you.

We provide open book audits according to your request, transparency in finances is the guarantee that we fulfill our role.

Detailed monthly report of the use and expenses of the aircraft.

The benefits of GOJET Air Services they are the product of many years of experience put at your disposal.

The freedom that comes from knowing that you have your aircraft at the right time and in the expected place, makes you enjoy your plane. Just fly and don’t worry about the rest.

Leave the whole subject of procedures, technical systems and maintenance to our experience. That’s not your problem, we do it for you.

Maintain the maximum profitability of having an aircraft in permanent flight. Your plane was created to fly, when it is on the ground, it generates expenses, in short: losses. If you are not going to fly, we have a client waiting to rent your plane and generate extra income for you.

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