At GoJet247 private jet charter service we have a team with more than 30 years of experience in the aeronautical market; creating products and services with the highest standards of safety, comfort and sophistication.

Our experience and the support of our clients have led us to position ourselves as leaders in the Premium segment of regional aviation with high influence in the global market.

We believe that the details make the difference, and it is in that difference that GoJet247 private jet charter service gives its added value.


No matter the destination, GoJet247 air charter service is always the best option,for GoJet247 it is essential to provide the best possible service on each flight, for this, we have a large fleet of aircraft in all its segments that guarantee that our client receives the best option for the type of operation to perform.

Together with our strategic partners developed over time, we offer not only the best price but also the most suitable, comfortable and safe option for each destination you want to reach.

Our operational safety policy guarantees, in addition to comfort and travel experience, a flight with the highest safety standards in the market; highly experienced crews ensure that passengers reach their destination in the fastest and safest way.


An Aircraft can, without a doubt, become a strategic partner in your business or in your moments of pleasure. At GoJet247 we simplify your ownership experience so you can enjoy the amenities of your aircraft without it becoming a liability.

Our administration team guarantees that you will have your aircraft available when you need it with all the requirements and regulations fulfilled, always trying to maintain a «zero cost» structure for the owner. To achieve this, at GoJet247 we focus on the following management scheme in order to meet the Objective month by month.


Our Administration team has 20 years of experience with satisfied clients that guarantee our principle of honesty and clarity. At GoJet247 private jet charter we offer you:

  • Senior Aircraft Manager 24 hours.
  • Team of pilots with biannual training.
  • Certified maintenance staff.
  • On-board attendants.
  • Coordinators for each flight.

We put at your disposal a staff of professionals dedicated to monitoring compliance with strict safety standards, safety in aircraft operations and maintenance.


The aircraft can save you a lot of time, but it can also become a huge liability if not managed well.

Together with our specialized staff, we incorporate your aircraft into our strict maintenance plans under standardized systems that ensure first-rate quality in the work carried out to maximize the use and enjoyment of your aircraft.


The aeronautical market is one of the markets with the least profitability and the highest operating cost in the world; At GoJet247 we try to make your pleasure/work instrument a strategic partner in your daily life.

La honestidad junto con nuestra experiencia garantiza un bien de uso con la mayor relación costo/beneficio posible.


Maintain the maximum profitability of having an aircraft in permanent flight. In order to keep the cost of maintenance and operation low for the owner, we propose to put all our business units at the service of the aircraft so that it generates its own flow of money with potential clients looking to fly in a rented aircraft.

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